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Peruvian products



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What we do

Cerro Verde Organic is a supplier of highly nutritious superfoods from Peru. We have been involved with the supply, process, packaging, marketing and even with the cultivation of
Superfoods since 2013

Managing processing and farming

Managing processing and farming

We have managed processing and farming operations out of Peru, where we are in the unique position of being a UK superfoods company which has been directly responsible for every step in the supply chain for products such as Maca, Chia and Cacao.

High standard partners

High standard partners

For those products we source from third party partners outside of Peru, we only work with those who meet our standards in terms of responsible, sustainable, organic farming methods.

Highest quality

Highest quality

Being in the unique position to source as directly as possible from producers and farmers of Peruvian superfoods gives us obvious advantages in terms of costing, but of more importance to us, is the advantage our on the ground team and our proximity to the source offers us in terms of being able to focus on crops we find to be highest quality and value.

About Us

Cerro Verde Organic Foods aims to only source the highest quality superfood crops from Peru. The view from the beginning was to source only from sustainable sources that offer the highest value crops. Alongside its sister company Sierra Organic in Europe, our customers have the option to source either large quantities directly from Peru or are able to source smaller quantities at short notice via Sierra Organic.